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I’m a Japanese Web Designer.

Multilingual and Smartphone optimized web-site, Facebook page design, Marketing and Advertising Advice, Business Card and Flyer Design and Translating to Japanese.

All for Your Boost Sales


Are you looking for high quality website and with minimum spending? We can also help search-engine-optimize(SEO)
and smartphone optimized. Does this sound awesome to you?

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Our 4 Features

[tabs title=”1. Cheap!,2. Smartphone optimization,3. Social like,4.Professional work,”][tab id=”1″]料金

Best web-site for small business

My method of building web-sites is customizing wordpress which is the most popular CMS tool. So you can have a high impacting and multifunctional homepage right now.
It is possible to change designs completely in a day, like below:
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Oh, not optimize a smartphone?
Your site may be outdated.

“Smartphone optimization” for Web-site became standard with the spread of iPhone and Androids. I always produce homepage with trend of web marketing so that you can change yours to functional web-site. Function? it’s like below:

  • Smartphone Optimized
  • Booking form system
  • Video and Photo Gallery
  • Multilingual
  • Functional Map

and much more!
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Interfaced with Facebook, Twitter

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace and LinkdIn….Social media is now centre of the web. Why not have the homepage optimized social media? I produce homepages when you post to homepage, interface with Facebook、Twitter automatically. Facebook page design is available as well.
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Best web-site for small business

My back ground is as a magazine editor, writer and advertising marketer over 15 years. So my advice is based on practical experience in my back ground. Also if you need web-site in Japanese, leave it to me!

  • SEO
  • Web strategy in Japanese web market
  • Writing and Translating in Japanese
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Fees are only as a guide. Please contact me for details.

[column_row animation=”fromright” delay=””][one_third ][pricing name=”Personal Blog” price=”$119~” time=”” options=”3 pages(incl. Homepage)//Google Map// email set up//+Adding per page: AU$20~// +Wordpress install : AU$30//” url=”https://mideax.com/contact-me/” accent=”false”][/one_third][one_third ][pricing name=”Corporate and Shop Site” price=”$525~” time=”” options=”Homepage+4 pages//Inquiry form// Smartphone optimization// WordPress CMS// Google Map// Email// Internal SEO//Facebook&Twitter Interfaced// Option// +Multilingual System// +Booking Calender// +Photo gallery// +E-news letter System// +Adding per page: AU$20~// +Wordpress install:AU$30// and much more!//” url=”https://mideax.com/contact-me/” accent=”true”][/one_third][one_third_last ][pricing name=”E-Commerce” price=”$890~” time=”” options=”Homepage+10 products// Inquiry form// Smartphone optimization//, WordPress CMS// Google Map// Email// Internal SEO// Paypal System// Facebook&Twitter Interfaced// and much more!// Option +Credit Card Payment module// +Multilingual System// +Booking Calender// +Photo gallery// +E-news letter System// +Adding per page: AU$20~// +Wordpress install:AU$30//” url=”https://mideax.com/contact-me/” accent=”false”][/one_third_last][/column_row] [spacer size=”small”] [accordiongroup][accordion title=” Web Development Process” open=”no”]


1. Hearing

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2.Suggestions for design and function

3.Creating a simple demo site

4.Checking the estimate

5. Designing
[/accordion][accordion title=”Hosting Service” open=”no”] Why not use Japanese high spec server?

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Large capacity 30GB~

unlimited email address/multi-domain is OK!
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Admin Cost


Per month
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Fast and Safety

MySQL5 / Fast CGI features
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Support in English

Possible to change from other hosting services.
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